Canine Centre

“Cani Fumanti” is a small piece of heaven located in the Orcia Valley where your dog will spend a wonderful holiday. Staying in one of our little "villa" accommodations set up with a day and night area, all your dog's needs will be taken care of. At the end of the stay we offer a video summary of your dog's vacation to take home with you.

The Centre includes:
- 6 small "villas" with a day and night area, the first 8 sq. meters and the latter 2×2 sq. meters. During winter months we also offer internal heating.
- 2 outdoor insulated boxes (35 sq. meters each).
- We offer a Monday to Sunday, 24h dog-sitting service.
- Taxi Dog.

Dog-sitting Service:
We recognise that many busy families may not have enough time to dedicate to their beloved companions - so whether you're too tired for a long walk after work or are planning a holiday abroad, you can trust our enthusiastic staff to take good care of them.

Isotta Fumanti is a professional dog trainer with more than 10 years experience.
- Dog trainer degree accomplished with “Centro Studi del Cane Italia”- Nationally recognised training school founded in 1986.
- Canine First Aid Certificate holder.
- National CSEN Diploma.
- Level 1 Disc dog trainer.


– Lessons for beginners
– Disabilities and Assistance dogs training
– Apprenticeship with professional instructors
– Dog shows and events
– Disc dog


Le origini del Disc dog
Nell’anno 1974 uno studente e il suo cane Ashley Whippet saltarono la recinzione durante una partita di
baseball, in piena messa in onda su scala nazionale. Alex aveva con sé un paio di dischi, che lanciò al cane, e
Ashley lasciò il pubblico senza fiato per le sue prese, tanto che la partita fu interrotta. Era appena nato il
Disc Dog.
Nelle gare di disc dog, il cane e conduttore gareggiano in eventi come prese di distanza e routine freestyle.

Le lezioni includono:
Avvicinamento alla disciplina
Scelta del disco
Tecniche di lancio
Figure freestyle

Cane da supporto ai disabili:
I cani da assistenza sono cani preparati per aiutare le persone a superare i limiti causati da una disabilità.

Per maggiori informazioni contattare Isotta al numero +39 333 3407889 disponibile anche su WhatsApp.